NCAA College Football 2019

Hey college football fans, here’s the scoop on how it’s going down for the rest of the 2019 season.  Today is Monday, November 11th, which means week 12 of the NCAA college football season is upon us.

We will continue our coverage (Table Seven Top 6, and the Feature Game Analysis) until week 14.  So, we have three more weeks and then it’s conference championship weekend. 

After week 15, conference championship weekend, we are going to use our special College Football Top 25 Playoff Ranking System, to present our Top 7.  That’s right!  Maybe you forgot, but it’s something we started last season because of all the frustration and confusion heading into Bowl Week.

Basically, we came up with our own way of ranking teams because issues can and will arise come Bowl time.  Usually, it’s a two loss team getting a better ranking than a one loss team or a team that went undefeated that’s the root of it all.

Without revealing our mathematical formula, I will say this; our system ranks first according to record.  So, it doesn’t matter where you end up in the Top 25 rankings, if you’re undefeated you will be at the top of our Top 7 Playoff Ranking System.  Whatever happens next, when for example, if two teams have one loss?  Well, leave that to us, but check in.  Let us know your opinion, and if you agree. 

Alright, I’ll see y’all Thursday morning, November 14th, at 6 o’clock for the Table Seven Top 6.  It’s NCAA college football week 12 coming up!  

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