NCAA College Football; Ranking the Flawless

So, this year, according to CBS Sports College Football rankings, it is LSU at number one, followed by Ohio State, and then Clemson.  All three are 13-0.

When it comes to Table Seven’s College Football ranking system, there are no arguments there because as you know, we rank according to record.  13-0 is 13-0, but I have to be honest.

My curious mind just pulled me back.  For the hell of it, I just wanted to “crunch the numbers” to see if CBS really got it right.  Without using our system, we had Ohio State at number one, followed by LSU, and then Clemson, but let’s see what the math has to say about that.

Table Seven’s College Football Rankings

  1. OHIO STATE- 13-0 (29)
  2. LSU- 13-0 (28)
  3. CLEMSON- 13-0 (24)


I used to laugh about Clemson winning every week and sliding down in National rank, but after taking some things into consideration, I can see why that happened.  In my opinion, the Big 10 was the strongest conference in college football this year, and it kind of sucks that Ohio State ended up with a number two seed, but regardless of what we do on paper the games must be played, and inevitably, the best team will win the National Championship when all is said and done.

I said earlier this season, LSU might be the only team capable of beating the Buckeyes this season.  Ohio State is that good.  I think we’ll see a final game played between OSU and LSU, and it will be one hell of a game.

Photo by Matthew T Rader from Pexels

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