Resolutions For A New Year

What’s Up?  Welcome to 2020!

Here’s what’s on my mind for this brand new year:

  • Love Myself
  • Work Consistently
  • Let the people in my life know they’re appreciated
  • Two to Three days per week in the gym
  • Make good decisions
  • Win
  • Start Applying the lessons and mentality I learned through sports to real life
  • Save money
  • Get back into a vehicle
  • Repay debts and repair friendships-if possible
  • Rediscover my love for the night-life, and Social Life (Not Social Media) Going out Again

Resolutions are good because they give us direction.  We’re starting a brand new year together, with goals.  Get your shit together, and get your head right.

As the year progresses, there will be moments when those resolutions come into focus.  Don’t forget about them.  Maintain them, achieve them, and become the person you want to be.

Write in.  What are your New Years Resolutions?  What would you like to achieve?

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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