Making Sense Out Of Being Spiritual

I was raised Roman Catholic, and I don’t go to church that often, (not bragging, or saying anything bad about the church) but if the question concerning religion ever arises, I do identify with being Catholic.

I do say I’m Spiritual also, and there are a lot- a lot of people who identify with being spiritual but not religious.

So, the BIG question comes up.  What does it mean to be Spiritual, and can someone be Spiritual but not religious?

Before I give my new opinion and answer this, I want to hear what all of you have to say.  Please, write in and tell me what you think.

What does it mean to be spiritual, and can a person be spiritual without being religious?

2 thoughts on “Making Sense Out Of Being Spiritual

  1. I do believe that a person can be spiritual without being religious. In a way. We all have our own religion. I am a deeply spiritual person. In tune with spiritual matters and the spirit in general. Do I adhere to an organized religion’s beliefs?? No, I do not. But the spirit of god moves in me. I believe the spirit of the creator is in literally everything.

    Spiritual – relating to the spirit
    Religious – connected to religion (sacred rites/observances)

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