Your Happiness

What’s up everyone?  I love you all for following along and reading the content published here at Table Seven.

I want to tell you a story and give you some advice.

When I graduated college, the first job I had was at a daycare center.  The days were long.  I got up at 5:30, and drove to work where I stayed all day for ten hours.  The pay was minimal.

After being there for almost a year, my opinion about what I was doing changed, and I was becoming miserable.  Eventually, my feelings about work started ruining my personal life.  Normally we’re happy when Friday arrives because it’s the last day of the week and we have the weekend to look forward to.  Not me.

When I left work on Friday, the thought of having to go back to work on Monday, and do it all over again for another five days dominated my mind.

When Monday did come, I had to scrape myself off the bed and force myself to go in.  I was totally miserable.

If you’re working at a place and you feel this way, quit.  Your happiness is important, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a job, a relationship, or whatever.  Leave it, and move on.

Photo by Inzmam Khan from Pexels

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