You can make all the signs you wan’t “Stay Home and Save Lives.”  You can say whatever you want about wearing a mask and or not wearing a mask, but the majority of people out here got it twisted.

Yesterday, I was in a situation where I facing homelessness, and I forgot my mask at home.  I also don’t have a car.  I was thirsty, so I went to McDonald’s for something to drink.

I couldn’t go in because I wasn’t wearing a mask, (rule enforced by store employees who are also fellow humans) so I walked through the drive through.

The person working the drive through was ignoring me.  Finally, I had to knock on the speaker to get someone’s attention.

I asked for a water, and then I walked around to pay.  Long story short, the guy at the window didn’t want to serve me because I didn’t have a car or a mask.

This reminded of the Manger who wouldn’t give me a job five years ago because I didn’t have a cell phone.  WTF?

Where’s the Humanitarianism?  Where’s the love and the brotherhood?

I thought this was a time when we were all supposed to be pulling together?

The guy at McDonald’s had his chance to do something special, and he almost blew it.

The point of this story is to re-awaken you during this crisis.  It seems like we’re all caught up  in who’s wearing a mask and who’s not, and what kind of masks we’re all wearing that we’re actually forgetting about helping each other.

During this “unprecedented” time I’m challenging you to ask yourself these questions. 

In a heated situation, are you going to keep a level head and diffuse the problem, or are you going to get caught up in it and make it worse?

Do you think because you’re wearing a mask, you’re better than someone who’s not?

Do you think because you’re staying home, you’re saving lives?

Do what you want.  Say what you want.

If people follow you than great, if not, then you’re alone.  You can’t force people to do something because you’re doing it, and you can’t force someone to believe something just because you believe it.


Do something out of the kindness of your own heart.  If you have an opportunity to help someone “BUT IT REQUIRES YOU TO BREAK THE RULES” we’ll, let’s see how much you really care.  If you chose not to because it will require you to break the rules and orders, that’s fine.  That’s your choice…..

But from this point forward you can never ever ever never, say you care.


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