Weiss Food Store #142, Allentown

There’s an injustice here, and it’s personal.

Me- “Can you show me where in your system, the “red flag” is located?

Bob U. (Manager at Weiss Food Store)- “No I cannot.”

Me- “Bob, I know you, we worked together for almost a year, if you don’t want to rehire me, than just say you don’t want to rehire me.  Don’t make a fool out of me and lie to my face, and tell me I’m “red flagged” in your system.”

Bob- “We can’t rehire you because you walked out.  You’re flagged in our system.”

Me- “According to Weiss Corporate in 2018, anyone who walked out of the store for any reason and quit, would have to wait one year to be eligible for a rehire.”

Bob- “No, you’re red flagged.”

There’s an injustice here, and it’s personal.

Why am I being denied work?

Yesterday I expressed to God in my Prayers that I need friendly people around me who genuinely care about me, not people who are hell bent on making me look bad, or trying to portray me in a negative light.

I walked out of a meeting with a Manager at Weiss Food Store in 2017 because of the way I was being treated.

Ten months later, I tried to reapply, and they told me I had to wait a year because I was “Red Flagged” in their system, and the red flag prevented a rehire.  Rehiring me before a year had passed was out of their hands.  (They tried to put it on the computer.)

Well, it’s May 26th 2020, and more than three years have passed.  I called this morning to ask about coming back for part time work, and they said they couldn’t rehire me because I was “Red Flagged.”  Still!

You might not be able to sue someone over a personal issue, but can you when it’s unfairly preventing employment?

Write in, let me know what you think about this?

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