The Plan

Here it is.

After taking everything into consideration that’s been going on in 2020, and prior, there’s only one solution.

We the People need to start getting involved with our town and local governments.

We the People need to attend town council meetings so we can learn about the representatives we’re voting into power.  We need to not only start informing ourselves about things like the budget, plans for local economic and business growth, and the education systems, but we need to have a say, voice our opinions, and be heard.

If we are not present to hold our local officials accountable, than we have no one to blame but ourselves when things aren’t right, or going the way we think they should be.

I’m serious.  Let’s get motivated about this.  Let’s take on a little responsibility.  This, afterall is our government, by us, and for us.

Thank you PEXELS.COM and for the Photo.

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