Do You Remember Craigslist?

There was a time when Craigslist had the reputation for being one of the more reliable and heavily depended on websites for all your needs. It kind of took the place of the want-ads section in your Sunday newspaper.

Recently, I’ve been going back to Craigslist for things like room and apartment rentals and jobs, but it’s not the site I remember fifteen years ago. What happened?

On several occasions, people did follow up and respond to me, but their responses were as follows, “That room you were asking about, where’d you see it? That room was rented weeks ago, I didn’t even know it was still showing”

The same thing happened with apartments, and forget about dating. Dating and meeting new people was one of the best features Craigslist had to offer, but they did away with it completely. The only thing that’s really left is Missed Connections, but there’s no guarantee the person you’re trying to reach will even see what you’re writing-it’s basically a shot in the dark.

I’m not going to write an entire article about the deterioration of Craigslist over the years, I think you understand what I’m saying, and if you use the site yourself, then I’m sure you have your opinions, but instead, I’d like to ask Craigslist to come back.

Craigslist, so many people used your site and they loved it. I don’t know what caused the changes over the years, but if you could get yourself back to old form that would be great!

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