Pushing Forward With Sensitivity

I’m looking at this COVID-19 situation, of course, from a neutral standpoint as any American who’s weary about a government overreaching would. Do I think COVID-19 is a total hoax? No, but if you tell me 100,000 people just contracted it, I’m going to ask you to show me the test results. Hey, fool me once (911) shame on you, fool me twice, and well, you know the rest. It’s good the American People are protesting, resisting, and asking questions, and if you watch regular mainstream news, I suggest you watch a little alternate media too so you’re getting both sides of the story.

The bigger issue, however, is coming up. What do we do about school in the Fall? I was a substitute teacher until the district closed in March, so I’ve been directly affected by this. What about the future? I was enrolled at the local college pursuing a teaching certification in early childhood education, and the school is telling me no one is enrolling because of COVID-19. I might have to wait until the Spring. Again my plans are getting delayed, but that’s neither here nor there.

What should we do about the Fall?

Whatever we decide to do, the time is coming for us as a people to make some important decisions regarding our future, and school is just one issue. Have you ever seen that situation where there’s a check-in booth at a public place, like a park, where people tell you you’re required to make a reservation and wear a mask if you want to enter the park? Well that’s illegal. I just found out yesterday that there is no law requiring you to wear a mask. It’s your choice, and you don’t have to make a reservation to go to the park.

I think it’s absolutely disgusting how the government is turning people against each other, and that’s what’s making this situation so difficult. I’m going to try to simplify things.

We need a call for common sense, and a return to normalcy. We need to push forward without being insensitive. I’m going to tell you all something right now, we are in this mess with COVID-19 for a reason. We are being tested, and the more I think about this the more I’m realizing how difficult returning to normal is actually going to be. It’s going to require acceptance, and then it’s going to require a complete coming together, a show understanding, empathy, and common sense.

  1. The government was created by us, for us. We need to take control of the situation. The people need to take control.
  2. Acceptance. If the Coronavirus is here to stay, we need to build an immunity to it like every other virus. Like the flu, there will be casualties, and like the flu, there have been casualties. If you’re scared stay home. If you’re sick, stay home.
  3. I’m not afraid, and I know there are a lot of other men and women teachers out here who aren’t afraid. It’s time for us to open school.
  4. What do we do if we open school and everyone gets sick? Just so you know, 92% of people who contracted COVID-19, got better and lived. That’s a real statistic. You are NOT going to drop dead if you contract COVID-19.
  5. Respect one another. I know this works both ways, there are angry people lashing out and attacking people for not wearing a mask, and there are angry people lashing out and attacking people for wearing the mask. The mask is a choice! The government cannot force you to wear a mask and they cannot force medical care on you. THE GOVERNMENT ISN’T FORCING YOU TO WEAR A MASK, YOUR NEIGHBOR IS. IT’S YOUR NEIGHBOR. WE’RE POLICING EACH OTHER. THE GOVERNMENT STARTED THE MESS AND THEN BACKED OUT OF IT. There is NO LAW that says you have to wear a mask. All those signs you see on store windows are at the request of the owners. Stop blaming and using the government for why you’re power tripping.
  6. Respect one another.

As you can see, there is nothing stopping us from returning to normalcy except us. It’s up to us. Let’s go. What are we waiting for?

Can you see what’s going on here? The mask is a choice. Think about it. Oh my god, the individual growth that can be made right now is off the charts. As for the people, and the collective-it’s evolutionary.

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