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The government is a parliament, and the capital city is New Delhi; can you name the country? India! That’s right, officially known as the Republic of India, India is the second most populated country in South Asia. The Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal are the three bodies of water that border the Southern half of the country.

The Lotus
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The first modern humans were said to have arrived 55,000 years ago on the Indian Sub-Continent as hunter-gatherers. As of 2011, 79% of the population practiced Hinduism, 14% practiced Islam, and 2% were Christian.

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Two National Symbols stick out the most, to me anyway; the Bengal Tiger, which was one of three animals, and the Lotus flower. Several years ago I read a self-healing book titled “The Lotus Effect.” The Lotus plant is remarkable because it has the ability to blossom into a beautiful flower through the harshest conditions. The Bengal Tiger is probably one of the most graceful predators in the world, and there aren’t many like it.

I’ve never been to India, but from what I hear, it’s a cool place to go. There’s the Taj-Mahal, The Agra Fort, and the Tomb of Akbar the Great. If you’re into history, the Agra Fort in Agra is the place to see. It was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty until 1638. In 1983, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Alright Everyone, Have a Wonderful Night!

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