Social Distancing; Duh!

I went to pickup my paycheck today. I walk into the small office space, introduce myself at the window, and stand waiting for the next order. They tell me to sign the paper so they have proof I received my check. While I’m signing, another person walks into the office space.

Instead of standing in line behind me, she comes to my side. She’s standing two inches from my face and bumping me with her shoulder. The woman behind the counter is talking to this woman, and they’re laughing, while she’s basically pushing me out of the way.

The woman behind the counter then looks at me with a look like I’m doing something wrong, and I’m like are you kidding me? I turn to the girl next to me and say, “Can you at least say excuse me? You’re pushing me out of the way!” She didn’t say anything.

What the fuck is wrong with people? How rude can you be? I’m so happy social distancing is in effect because people like this women have no concept of personal space. Even before social distancing was a thing, I can remember people standing behind me hovering over my shoulder while I’m trying to pay for something at the store.

Yo! Back the fuck up!

You shouldn’t be so close to someone they can feel your breadth on their neck!

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