Last and Final Thoughts on Dating Apps.

This is really about more than a dating application or a dating website. It’s about how the culture is changing. It’s about how the collective is changing, and it’s about how human perception is being manipulated….

But let’s stick with dating apps. for now.

When most of us were 5-years old, we started school, and that was our entry into the real world. Ever since, we’ve been getting older, and every year we get older, we strive more and more for independence.

We’re now adults, and since the age of five, we’ve been meeting strangers in public. We did it at school, we do it at the food store, some do it at church, and we do it in the parks and walking in the street. Our independence relies on the circle of strangers we meet that ultimately become friends.

It’s time for you to realize the whole selling point behind dating apps. and websites is safety. The makers of the apps. and sites are pitching your safety to you. They’ll protect you. They want you to believe meeting people in public is unsafe, and so, they brainwash you into thinking the app. is safe.

This is the way it should be if we’re going to use apps and sites:

A recent picture of yourself

The State you live in

The highest level of completed education

The field you work in

A way to contact you

If you’re desperate, a dating application is the worst place for you to be because in your efforts to get a date you’re going to share your personal information with as many strangers as you can until one of them decide to meet you in real life. How is that safer than meeting someone in public?

From the list we above, we know this.

Example: Betty is really pretty, she lives in California, she’s over 18, and she has a job. From there, we contact each other. “Hi I just saw your profile, I would like to meet you. Can you meet for lunch or coffee this week?”

[That’s two normal adults engaging in a normal conversation.]

Look, if you’re scared to meet someone, that’s fine, but stop wasting people’s time.

I’m sick and tired of the specific questions over the app. It’s all texting to, no verbal conversation whatsoever, and afterwards, it goes nowhere.

What town do you live in? What school did you graduate from? Where do you work?

Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t even know who I’m talking to.

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