Tormenting Beverly 2

The room Beverly stood in was bright, glowing with purple and blue lights. A florescent strip of white outlined the perimeter. Beverly was a young pretty girl in her early twenties. She was athletic and bubbly with a good sense of humor, but she wasn’t laughing now. An hour passed, and the blood flowing from her nose finally slowed down. After hitting the wall Beverly walked forward. She covered at least a mile by now, maybe a little more. Room after room lit up with purple and blue, while the previous space went dark.

She stood still for a moment and then slowly turned to her left moving with caution to the edge of the room. Beverly extended her arms into the darkness, and it appeared to be open. She didn’t want to commit just yet though; once she exited a room, there was no going back. She walked to right side of the room she currently occupied once again reaching out with her arms to explore the darkness ahead. Just beyond the border she could feel a wall. There was only two ways to go now, forward or left.

She knew had to try something different and so she made up her mind to go left. When both feet were planted in the new room the square space lit up green. The color change was a breath of fresh air. There was a table in the center of the room and on the table was a scissor. It wasn’t a scissor for cutting clothing or an art scissor; it was a scissor for cutting hair. Beverly recognized the difference as everything suddenly seemed to take on meaning; very specific meaning. The matrix she woke up in was obviously some sort of puzzle. Everything mattered, and perhaps the green lighting was a hint at the way to go.

Someone was tormenting Beverly, but how far would they go? Who were they? What did they want?

To be continued……..

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