Back to the Mask

This isn’t a joke.

I always said, why are we going along with this. And then I started to realize something. Normal workers, the people who get up every day to earn a paycheck aren’t going to argue about wearing a mask at work if work requires them to wear one.

So I said, why aren’t administrators, managers, and people who are actually enforcing the request that employees wear masks in the workplace start pushing back a little more. Why are they forcing their own people to do something that’s:

  1. Their Choice

2. Something you were only supposed to do if you had COVID

3. Bad for your health (carbon dioxide)

The answer to that question is that there’s more people involved with this coronavirus conspiracy than you could ever imagine. There has to be. Common sense tells us administrators and managers don’t want to lose their jobs either so they’re are going to fall in line, take orders, and then, order/force/strongarm their employees into doing something they have the choice not to do.

The mask has shown us how compliant people in this country are, and it’s a shame. Everything came at us at warp speed and we didn’t even question it. But it gets worse. Here’s comes the vaccine, something we know nothing about, and won’t for another seven to ten years. And people are rushing to take it!

Why? People are testing positive for COVID, and returning to work in a week feeling great. There’s a 99% survival rate. You’re not going to die from it unless you’re already on your deathbed.

For our government to say, they want at least 30% of the population to be vaccinated, is bold, arrogant, and a confession of medical tyranny in our faces. That’s something Adolf Hitler would’ve said, and it goes right over peoples’ heads.

And like I said in the Nooz Buffet Nooz Show Session 10, the new fight amongst we the people is going to be over who’s vaccinated and who’s not. The mainstream media is telling us people who’ve been fully vaccinated no longer have to wear a mask.

(Oh how nice they want reward the people for being compliant, wearing their muzzles, and taking their shots like good little doggies.) So those people are getting upset at the people who are taking their masks off without getting vaccinated.

LETS END THIS BULLSHIT. Worry about yourself. If you want to wear your mask, wear it. If you want to get vaccinated, do it. Don’t worry about what I’m doing.

STOP THE ADS. All these psychologically abusive and guilt tripping commercials and advertisements have to stop.

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