Parents Sue Over School Lessons

It was said from the beginning that BLM was nothing more than the strong arm of the democratic party, and in due time all the truth will surface.

There are news paper articles from 20 or 30 years ago where Joe Biden is on record calling black people animals, yet black people love him and he gets elected president during a time when racism is supposed to be at an all time high. Why? Because Obama is really calling the shots.

The other day I said in a post, the people who’ve been given an opportunity to enforce coronavirus guidelines, force people to wear masks, and pretty much, force people to get vaccinated have gotten so power hungry, and their ego’s have been inflated so much they don’t want it to end.

And that’s the issue with organizations like BLM, Antifa, etc. When does it stop? How will it stop? It’s stops when their greed for power exposes them for what they really.

Trying to change a schools curriculum is greed. Psychologically abusing children is greed. Making a white child feel guilty and sorry just for being white is not only greed, but it’s insanity exposed, and just because the teacher is white doesn’t make it right.

I was an early childhood education teacher, and I loved my students. All of my students. I’m trying to think what kind of individual would do that to a child or a group of children, and what kind of teacher would do that to his or her students?

All of these books, and all of these courses that are psychologically abusive to children have to go. They’re causing more harm than good.…/nat…/article252182793.html

Since March 12, 2020, the day when the school district I was substitute teaching in closed immediately because of the coronavirus, I’ve been following.

From the economy closing, to the protests over first amendment rights, illegal stay-at-home orders and illegal lockdowns, to the George Floyd murder and the riots, destruction, murder and violence that ensued for months afterwards, I’ve been following. I saw the hostility and anger as our country’s historical monuments and statues were destroyed and ripped down.


Nooz Buffet has always been about equality. We will always be about equality. Human lives matter. All lives matter. Now more than ever is the time for people to be leaders and not followers. If something doesn’t feel right to you then call it out.

It doesn’t matter what color you are, you should never feel embarrassed, guilty, or ashamed.

Have a good night and a blessed day tomorrow.

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