Cursive Under Fire

The radio was on in my car while I was driving early this morning. There were three people working at the radio station, and they raised the question; Should schools stop teaching children how to write in cursive?

They all said yes, schools should stop teaching it because there’s no need for it anymore. No one writes checks and everyone pays their bills online.

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My educational background is is in the Arts, communication and journalism. I’ve been writing for my entire life, and I was taught how to write in cursive when I was a young student in school.

Technology is manmade. Long after technology is gone, humans will still be here.

Learning how to write in script is not just about you paying bills and writing checks. Writing is an art, and therefore, a form of self-expression. By learning script you activate a portion of your brain that would otherwise remain inactive.

How can you be the best and most developed version of yourself if you’re dependent on technology? The leaders of these BIG TECH companies are some of the wealthiest people in the world, and we’ve made them wealthy by participating in their programs and purchasing their products.

It’s okay to participate and purchase, but please, don’t ever give up the basic skills you should learn and master.

These companies don’t care about the development or underdevelopment of your skills and natural abilities, they care about their technology and the money it makes for them, but the more we use GPS, calculators, computers, etc. the less we use and rely on our own brains.

More technology use=dumber humans.

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