Jentry 5

Jentry is a term I created, and if you’ve been following NB you might’ve noticed the posts titled Jentry 1 Jentry 2, etc. Jentry is the combination of the words journal and entry. Journal + Entry = Jentry.

When I write on this site and the post’s title is Jentry that means I’m sharing something with all of you that I wrote in my personal journal here at home.

I wanted to share something I experienced during a meditation this month.

I was sitting in the lotus position (kind of) with my palms facing up towards the ceiling, and I had a vision:

I saw a light appear.

It was a bright yellow light, a doorway of light, and out of the light came a tall thin man with long dark hair (shoulder length, brownish black) and a beard. He was a white man wearing what looked like a long white t-shirt that went all the way down to his feet.

He stepped forward out of the light and extended his arms towards me. The next thing I saw was my hands, palms up, and his hands reached over my hands and our hands touched. We locked fingers and our hands stayed clasped together for a short time. His hands were hairy. I don’t know why, but that stood out to me.

Then he stepped back into the light, and the doorway of light closed.

This was a vision I had during a meditation one night this month, July.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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