Unmasking America’s Enemy

Pro-Choice, that’s what the American people want; having the opportunity to review all the information, documentation, and looking at what’s going on around us before making a decision.

Why are we not getting what we want, and why are we in this position of having to deal with medical tyranny and an overreaching government?

Well, as far as the school system is concerned, the answer is on the front page of the Morning Call. Teacher Unions and the State Board of Education are anti-choice. That’s who’s preventing American freedom and the freedom for an individual to choose what’s best for them.

It’s always at the highest levels, if the federal government said to the Pennsylvania State Board of Education we’re going to give you, for example, 5 million dollars this year to pay teacher salaries and buy new text books, all you have to do is continue filling out and handing in the normal paperwork, and enforce all coronavirus safety measures.

Do you think administrators and union reps making 6 figures per year are going to say, “We are pro-choice now and will not force anyone to wear a mask or get vaccinated.”

This is a microcosm of the larger issue. America and Americans are being sold out and played at the highest levels.

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