FB Dating App. New Scam Discovered

Hello everyone!

I’ve been on the Facebook dating app for a while now, and I’ve seen my share of fake accounts and scams, but something happened recently that I couldn’t believe.

I saw a girl on the app that I was talking to on Twitter last year. I friended her on the Facebook app, she accepted, and I said, “Hey love how are you? Did you move to Pennsylvania?”

“Hello,” she responded.

The next time I looked at the screen, it said this person was no longer available, but what was really messed up was the girl’s name was still there, her profile was still there, and our conversation was still there as it was. The only thing that changed were the pictures posted with the account.

This could be a dangerous situation because your having a conversation with someone you think you know, when all of a sudden, someone else assumes the account.

If someone was looking at the conversation they would think I said those things to the person who was in the picture when I actually said them to the person who left the conversation.

Dangerous, not cool, and be careful.

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