Nooz Now

What’s up friends and followers? I hope everyone is doing well.

Today is Sunday, November 14, 2021, and I wanted to post on Friday evening, however, an unfortunate event prevented me from doing so.

I was attacked inside a local pizzeria/restaurant, Zio’s, by the owner and his employees. I did call the police, and as I was in a great deal of pain, I did go to the emergency room that evening.

I’ve been a customer of Zio’s for a long time, and I’m shocked that this even occurred. So, what started as an attempt to get pizza for lunch, ended in an attack with an evening spent in the hospital. By the time I got home that night it was almost 8 o’clock.

I apologize, but because of the ongoing investigation, I don’t want to get into the details, but that’s what happened, and you know if you’re reading it here, it’s the truth.

🏛 I don’t know how many of you have been following the Kyle Rittenhouse case, but after someone posted online, “If he wins, we’re going to Jack Ruby him when he walks out of the courthouse,” the Governor of Wisconsin ordered 500 National Guard Troops for protection.

♏Currently, the sun is at 22 degrees in the astrological sign of Scorpio. Happy birthday season to all the Scorpios out there! On the 23rd of November, the sun will shift in Sagittarius.

💰 The US Marshal’s tracked down and identified a man who robbed a bank in 1969. As the story goes, a man by the name of Theodore John Conrad showed up for work at a bank in Ohio in 1969 posing as a bank teller. At the end of his Friday shift, he left with $215,000. He moved to Massachusetts and lived in obscurity for 50 years under the name Thomas Randele. In May of this year he died of lung cancer, and he was finally identified.

🏈 The Pittsburgh Steeler’s QB Ben Roethlisberger has been placed on the COVID list.

🏛The last thing I’m going to post is an online article concerning the Kyle Rittenhouse case. It’s unbelievable how the mainstream media has been attacking this young man’s character, and completely ignoring the facts and evidence of the case. Their arguments don’t even make sense anymore and are way off, but it gets even worse, as somehow, the left has managed to turn a case involving only white people into a race issue.

Have a wonderful evening everyone. If you find yourself surrounded by negativity or or in the company of negative people, be strong. You can say a prayer, or light a candle when you retreat into privacy. Cut ties with these people and situations, life is too short.


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