Alright, Making Progress

Friends, readers, and supporters, how are you doing?

Thank you so so much, I noticed several of you responded to my post about purchasing my book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories. I’m beyond appreciative! The paperback version of the book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and wherever else books are sold. You can also purchase the e-book on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Thank you for your support! Smorgasbord 2 Catch Up and Relish should be on the shelves before this winter ends.

And of course, there will be a Smorgasbord 3; Smorgasbord 3 The Final Platter.

About COVID. I was allowed to return to work today, the 22nd, but I took this last day off deciding to return to my normal shift next week. I’m still a little hazy-brained and slow, but all that is clearing up. I’m excited to return to work, and I can’t wait to get back into the flow of society. Quarantine sucks. I still don’t have my sense of smell or taste, but I anticipate they’ll both return in time. Thank you to those people who emailed me tips on how to speed up the recovery process with that. You guys and gals are great! ❤

🤼‍♂️ The high school wrestling season has begun. I know I always mention my glory days of playing football, but I also wrestled, I was good too. That’s me on the right wrestling in the county tournament, winter of 1997. The Beast of the East tournament at the University of Delaware turned out to be a huge success, as it usually does, and the Gauntlet Duels were successful as well. Congratulations to all the place winners at the BOTE, if you can place there, you’re on your way to a good season.

😲 I’m shocked. I don’t know if you guys watch Bob’s Burgers the adult cartoon? Well apparently, the guy who does the voice over for Jimmy Pesto, Jay Johnston, will no longer be able to participate in the show because of his participation at the Capital on January 6th. Is the government saying he cannot work? This is strange, the original article was published on Decider-the link is below.

🎋Yesterday, December 21st, was the Yule Sabbat. Different traditions celebrate the beginning of the new year at different times and in different ways. The arrival of the Oak King, or today it’s, The Sun King, Jesus, and the New Year’s Baby that kicks of the turning of the wheel as we say goodbye to Father Time and the Dark Lord. December 21st is also the first day of winter or the Winter Solstice. Either way, have fun celebrating whatever you celebrate. Enjoy yourself, and appreciate the love, family, and warmth around you.

There are a lot of people who can explain this better than I can, but..I heard, astronomically speaking, not astrology, that the sun as we know, rotates around the earth. It eventually reaches a point where it sits below or just about even with the horizon for a period of three days. That’s 3 days and no movement. Then, it begins again. They say the story about Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead in three days is a symbolic translation of the sun in it’s orbit around the earth. If you understand that whole thing better, write in. Thanks.

Have a wonderful Wednesday (Hump Day) LOL.

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