No Justice No Peace; Law and Justice in Pennsylvania Needs Overhaul

I’m appalled, at the Justice system in the State of Pennsylvania. I’m going to share what I think and you tell me if you agree.

Harassment- Harassment is kind of like when you have a problem with another person, and you seek them out to argue with them. Maybe constantly call them on the phone, go to their job, and generally, you just won’t leave that person alone. You’re not hurting them physically, but you’re making their life miserable by harassing them. Calling out names to that person; you’re being a nuisance.

Assault- Assault is when you cross that line, you’re no longer verbal. You’ve become physical. You physically put your hands on another person with or without the intention of doing harm. And there are different degrees of assault depending on the injury suffered by the victim.

Long story short, I walk into a pizzeria, and the owner has an attitude. He leaves the pizza I ordered over the phone-out on the counter, and that’s where it’s sitting when I get there. I ask why the pizza wasn’t put in the oven and he says it takes two minutes, watch I’ll show you. My response is that If there’s going to be an issue with me ordering my food in the future, I’ll go to a different pizzeria.

His response is, “If you don’t want the fucking pizza then get the fuck out. Still at this point I haven’t raised my voice or cursed at him, but eventually, the situation escalates and I’m blasted by another employee who I didn’t see and had a running start. I was knocked almost over a table and fell to the floor. I went outside and called the cops, and I asked the cops to call an ambulance. I suffered injuries and bruising, and I went to the hospital.

The cop on the scene charges me with disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace. How did I disturb the peace when the owner of the shit hole pizza place already disturbed the peace by yelling and cursing at me way before I did, and then he, along with his illegal immigrant employee, attacked me. There was four of them total, and his classy wife was in the background yelling, “That’s what you get for opening your big fucking mouth!”

How did I disturb the peace? I never fought back or raised my hands in defense even while I was being attacked. How do my attackers get to plead guilty to harassment when they physically assaulted me? How is that justice? How is that fair? They weren’t arrested or taken to jail-nothing.

Our court case was today, and I was found guilty of disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace, and fined.

What kind of precedence is this setting? Are we allowed to go around now throwing people to the ground? And in the court of law that’s seen as harassment? Like getting a speeding ticket.

I’m shocked and confused. When the police officer showed up on the scene, he investigated a little bit, and he asked me, “What do you want to do?” I asked, “What do you mean?” He said, “You could probably let this go, but if you pursue the assault charges, then I’m going to charge you with disorderly conduct.”

I said I was attacked in there. How can you charge me with disorderly conduct? I’m the one who called the police. If he wanted me out of his pizzeria he could’ve called the police. He took it upon himself to attack me with his employees, and now I’m pursuing.

The cop said okay. He gave the two people involved a summons for harassment and they plead guilty real quick to free themselves from the assault charge. When I showed up to court today, it was the state vs. me. And the cop called the guy who assaulted me as his witness.

Are you FUCKING kidding me? What kind of backroom politics was this? And honestly, it’s not the first time.

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