What’s up my friends!

Never in the five years that my website has been up and running, did I encounter trolling, but there’s a first for everything I guess.

For those of us who are real writer’s and artists, I’d like to say my experience with WordPress has been all love and positivity, and I’m sure most would agree. We work hard on our websites editing, writing, and publishing content.

Well, when I have free time I like to see what my followers are doing. There are some good artists on here, and besides, that’s how we network and keep each other going with likes and comments.

Some asshole the other day had the nerve to comment on a comment I made about a post one of my followers wrote, but what really bothered me about this whole thing was the malicious intent. This guy had a personal issue with me, but he was being very manipulative about the whole thing. He was trying to create a problem when there wasn’t one and then he made some remark about my intelligence.


Anyway, this is the first time I experienced trolling on here, maybe some of you had issues like this in past, and maybe, some of you haven’t come across this yet. If you do, just ignore it. It’s hard to ignore someone who’s attacking you personally for no reason, but it’s really not worth going back and forth with a looser on a message board.

We’re better than that. We’re real artists, who are on here for a purpose.

Alright everyone! Have a wonderful night.

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