The Strong Arm of Amazon

What’s up friends, fans, and followers?

I wrote in the last post, Nooz Now, that people were starting to get back to me because they were having issues posting a book review for Smorgasbord on Amazon’s website.

Last night I tried myself to write a review, and there was a pop-up that said “this account hasn’t met the community guidelines.”

When I clicked the link to see what the guidelines were, it said in order to post a review you have to have purchased at least $50 worth of merchandise from Amazon dot com in order to leave a review.

I sent Amazon an email today, and I wrote, ” I think this is absolutely ridiculous and frankly, not fair.  Why is Amazon putting my followers on the spot and forcing them to buy $50 worth of stuff from them before they can leave a review?  That’s not fair to me, and that’s not fair to the people who are purchasing my book.

I don’t know if this is the same issue everyone else is having, but this is what happened when I tried to leave a review.

Hey, you know what?

We live in free-market system. You can purchase the book from Barnes and Noble for the same price with no 3rd party involvement, and you can leave a hassle free review within minutes.

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