The Path You Chose

The purpose of this post is to help the people get to middle ground who want to be there; the people who want to experience the middle for what it truly is. Not someone else’s belief or vision of what it should be.

To all my fans, friends, and followers;

I wanted to share with you, even though most of you might know this already, is that politically speaking, there’s a spectrum-a horizontal spectrum.

The far left is extreme- that’s total government control. The far right is extreme-that’s absolutely no government, no police, and anarchy.

The middle ground is where you want to be. That’s balance, that’s happiness, that’s change, and being in the middle represents your ability to change.


We live in a world of extremes, people, a lot of people have slid either extreme right or extreme left. You might be one of these people.

What’s making people go to extremes is their resistance to change. Some people have personal beliefs that are so strong, they’re will to go to the extreme to hold onto it.

Don’t be that person.

Our world is constantly changing and evolving. From nature’s standpoint, its change that’s beyond our control. Don’t fight it, and don’t go to war over it. Of course, you can if you want though. I’m not telling you what to do, and I never will.

Are you still with me?

Okay, good!

If not, good luck to you. Please don’t harm anyone in your extreme endeavors.

Political Spectrum

The middle is a real place, and I’m not going to lie, it’s hard as hell to get there. It’s so hard in fact, some people think it’s an unattainable utopia or an unattainable state of mind or disposition, but it’s not.

The middle is a real place. It’s a place all by itself, already made and waiting for you to arrive. The middle is what it already is.

Nobody wants to be miserable or filled with hate. Believe me, the people who are truly extreme, want to be in the middle, but they can’t, and they know that.

So what they’ll do is try to convince you to believe in what they believe in. If the whole world believed in total government control, then there wouldn’t be a problem and the far left would be the middle. If the whole world believed in anarchy, then there wouldn’t be a problem and the far right would be in the middle.

The problems extreme positions have is that humanity is made up of individuals who are unique and special in their own ways. Everyone wants something different.

No one wants to be forced into doing something they don’t want to do, and that’s why it’s so hard to get into the middle. It’s that force, and that push (not physical) that makes people cling to what they believe and the sliding begins.

This is where America comes into picture. We don’t live under a communist regime. Communism doesn’t work. Communism and fascism are things of the past, we defeated both in World War II. We don’t live under a dictatorship. Dictators are masters at manipulating crowds (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin). We defeated that too. That’s all left. That’s all force, strong-arming, and making people do things they don’t want to do through intimidation.

America is a constitutional republic. We’re a nation of laws, therefore, we as a people cannot be extreme right either.

If out of your own fear, you feel the need to force the people around you to do what you’re doing, then you’re in the wrong place. That’s why you’re scared. You’re scared because you believe in the past and what we already defeated. Leave, and go somewhere where you can be a servant to your king. At least you wont be scared. You’ll get that comfort you seek.

But I digress…sorry.

The keys to getting to the middle:

  1. Pursue what you feel is right for you.

2. Stay humble.

3. Control your emotions.

4. Think before you act, but act swiftly when the time is right for you.

5. Speak your truth, communicate your needs.

6. Know and accept that not everyone is capable of seeing the bigger picture.

7. Move forward-constantly.

I’m going to end this post with this: There is no image you have to achieve, and there are no right and wrong answers. This is about destiny. Along the way, help the people who seek your help-let the rest go.

The path you chose will not become evident or visible to you until it’s too late to make the changes you should’ve made, so pay attention along the way.

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