Nooz Now

February 27, 2022 Edition

🏛It looks like Donald Trump is trying to get a feel for where he stands with the American people. He just won an informal straw poll today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). 59% of the people in attendance said they would vote for Trump if the 2024 Republican primary were held today. Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida came in second, but he wasn’t even close.

🤷‍♂️I thought Americans wanted to bring our troops home because the American military shouldn’t be the police force of the world. Well, the first problem (Russia & Ukraine) arises and we send 10,000 troops. Let Europe worry about Russia and Ukraine, and let Canadians worry about themselves. We’re getting way too dramatic and weak as country.

🏈Does anyone know what’s going on with Amazon wanting Kirk Herbstreit to be the analyst on its Thursday Night Football broadcast? Amazon hiring for NFL broadcasting jobs? What am I missing here?

📖The Contest to win a free copy of my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories is still open. Your information is safe on Nooz Buffet so don’t let that deter you. Scroll down the home page until you come to the post, read it, and participate! Contest; Smorgasbord Giveaway is the title.

💥Fourteen people were shot during a party at a hookah bar in Las Vegas. Police are still searching for the suspects who left two people seriously inured and one dead.

😮Are you kidding me? Don’t come back, stay there.

Alright everyone, have a good night and a blessed day tomorrow.

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