Father Time, He’s Not So Bad

Hello everyone!

If you learn how to deal with time, you’ll bring yourself into harmony with Saturn. If Saturn is favorable in your chart, he can be generous with the qualities he bestows upon you. He can give patience, perseverance, and the strength to wait out a bad spell.

Saturn used to co-rule Aquarius and Capricorn, but since the discovery of Uranus, Saturn has been serving full time duties in the astrological sign of Capricorn. If we’re lucky, some of us will get three Saturn returns during our lifetime. They say Saturn’s orbital period is 29 years, but mine began around 27. Most of us should have at least two Saturn returns during the course of our lives. A Saturn return is when the planet makes its way around the zodiac and returns to the place or position it was in when you were born.

And trust me, if you wake up to the synchronicities and patterns taking place in your life, you’ll know when Saturn is near. If you learn the lessons your supposed to learn you can expect an enlightened start to your 30s!

Saturn is all about restrictions. It’s not that he gets off on seeing you struggle, it’s just that sometimes there are lessons for us to learn that can only be learned through the struggle. There’s a method to his madness. The people who struggle with Saturn are usually bright individuals. They’re smart, on top of things, and they’d probably breeze through life getting anything and everything they wanted.

So, Saturn says, “yes you can have all that, but if you’re not ready spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, it will be the ruin of you. I will prepare you first, and then I will open that door when the time is right and you are ready.”

It is March 1st, and we have just about two weeks of winter left!

Have a blessed day tomorrow.


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