Moon Scope; Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Wednesday April 13, 2022

On Tuesday, April 12th, the moon slides into the sign of purity represented by the virgin, Virgo. The moon will transit Virgo for three days, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but I picked Wednesday to do this moon-scope because Wednesday is a lucky day for Virgo.

There are different ways of getting what we want. When the moon was in Leo, Leo provided the will power and energy to stay in the game for a desired outcome, but with Virgo, the focus turns more to sensibility instead of that raw energetic emotional drive. An already receptive moon gains flexibility here. If you want to get to point A, but the path is blocked, be flexible instead of rushing through. Go around. I think Virgo is almost a perfect compliment to the moon, they have a lot in common.

The Moon🌖 in Virgo ♍ in the 10th house🏠.

When it’s 10:00 PM her on the east coast, it will be 7:00 PM on the west coast, but the Moon will be on the 19th degree of Virgo in the 10th House.

The key phrase for Virgo is “I Analyze,” and by nature, Virgos are conscientiousness, they seek to know. The combination of the Moon’s energy in the astrological sign of Virgo manifests in the arena of career and public standing.

Take a good long and hard look at your career. Is it right for you? Does it enable you to get out of life what you want? How does it affect your image in the eyes of the public? During this transit, you seek to know how people view you in relationship to your career.

This is also the perfect time to look for a new job if that’s what you want. Try to find what’s right for you. Am I happy where I’m at, or do I want something else? Those are the questions you seek to find answers for.

Lucky numbers are 5 and 3, and that will be in effect for as long as the Moon is in Virgo. That’s three days, and they say third times the charm. If there’s a pick 3 lottery in your state, play 305 in any combination for those three days. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick a winner!

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