Keeping the Negative Talk Positive

What’s going on everyone? I’ve felt distant from my blog lately because of things that come up routinely in life, like work. It would be wonderful if we could somehow get paid for all the articles we post, but that’s not the case; at least not for me; and so, the bills must be paid.

When I began on this spiritual path of self-discovery and truth back in 2008ish, I used to listen to woman who stressed the importance of keeping yourself and anything that has to do with you up-beat, positive, and optimistic.

More specifically, she discussed the importance of not buying into the fear, negativity, and drama. The theory behind this is if we subscribe to the negative talk, then we become consumed by it, which ultimately creates patterns of negative thinking and self-doubt.

If you’re in the company of someone who’s complaining about the economy for example; this person says, “this economy sucks, I can’t make any money.” Your response should be, “well I think the economy is just fine, and I’m making lots of money.”

Or, “Everyone in this room is terrible.” You should say, “well, I’m not terrible.”

You get the point. You’re not supposed to give in and allow yourself to become one with the negativity. And, I’m not going to lie, this is going to be hard for some people to do, because anytime you go against the grain, you’re going to ruffle feathers.

Your comeback comments shouldn’t piss people off because you’re not saying anything bad about the other person, or offending them, you’re just stating your truth, but it does sometimes, and because of that some people will just go along with the conversation.

If you’re looking to make more positive changes in your life, you can’t be afraid to stand out and alone from the group.

Enjoy this wonderful Saturday, and have a great weekend.


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