America, Still in Chains

Did you know America has been under Martial Law since the Lincoln Administration?


Concerning the United States of America, and its Federal Government, which out of a contract with the American People known as the United States Constitution, has been established as a Constitutional Republic with Democratically elected leaders.

Constitutional Republic with Democratically elected leaders.

To make this short and to the point: A Constitutional Republic was established because it’s the only form of government that supports the diversity of minorities and individuals. No other form of government can do for individuals and minorities what our Constitutional Republic does or can do I should say; Not a monarchy, and definitely not a democracy. A democracy is mob rule. 51% decide while 49% are left out.

Our elected officials serving in positions in Federal Government do not want to admit that our Federal Government is a Constitutional Republic because doing so would force them to strictly follow the contract made with the people (U.S. Constitution), which would ultimately limit their power and influence over the citizens of this country. This is not a conspiracy, this is the truth.

This is, without any consideration to race or color, an issue of slavery vs. freedom. It’s about a free self-governing people being undermined by an overreaching all-knowing all-powerful government.

So they keep lying to us by telling us it’s a Democracy.

Below is a link to an article where they are trying to tell us that it’s not only dangerous, but wrong to call our Federal Government a Constitutional Republic even though that’s what it truly is. This means that there are groups of people in this country who, with total awareness, are lying to our faces and denying what our government was created to be. That’s wrong and dangerous.

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