Lightfoot Rallying for Human Rights

I saw an article yesterday, and I can’t find it. It was about the government wanting to charge Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, with inciting insurrection for Tweeting the overturning of Roe V. Wade should be a call to arms.

I can understand the right being upset because the left went after Trump for January 6th White House incident, but I wish instead of fighting with each other, the left and right would come together and keep in mind they’re serving the people. I explained how insurrections, violent uprisings against the government are direct results of a deteriorated democracy, but let’s put that aside.

Overturning Roe V. Wade is a human rights issue, and I can definitely understand Lightfoot’s sense of urgency.

I can also understand the January 6th White House incident because the American people had good reason to believe the election was fixed in Biden’s favor. Elections in the United States should never be fixed, and if they in fact are, it’s a clear indication the people’s needs aren’t being met.

We shouldn’t be having fraudulent elections, and we as humans beings should always have the right to decide what we do with our bodies and what we put into our bodies.

I talk a lot about the government, but I don’t think everyone in government is bad. People have have had a lot to say about Lightfoot over the years, but in this case, she isn’t wrong. Rallying the people to stand up when they’re rights are at stake is admirable. It’s must go both ways though.

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