Ohio Governor Takes Aim at Stopping School Shootings

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine signed House Bill 99 into Law. This will allow teachers and other school staff employees across the state of Ohio to carry guns while at work.

DeWine further explained, that his first choice would be for schools to hire armed officers, but Bill 99 was an additional option for school districts. It’s an option, not a requirement. The link is below.


This article came out days after I published my opinions here on Nooz Buffet. And like I said, giving teachers and school staff the option to carry a firearm with training will never be the popular answer, but it’s the right one.

We have a responsibility at the state level and local levels to defend ourselves and protect our communities. Our quality of life is what’s on the line here.

People, individuals, need to embrace that responsibility, and I think DeWine made a good decision.

There aren’t many ways to stop school shootings when the people who commit these crimes decide to show up to a school with a gun and shoot people. How can we stop something if we don’t know where or when it’s going to happen?

We can’t, we just have to be prepared.

It’s sad that this is what it’s coming to, but we can’t allow terrorism to take anymore of our rights and privacies than it already has.

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