Lets Clarify This

Job abandonment. This issue needs some clarification because in the state of Pennsylvania, I keep hearing employers throwing this term around.

When I was a teacher in New Jersey, A TEACHER, a job that requires you to work with children, the hiring guidelines were more strict than other places of employment because you’re working with children.

When most teachers begin work, they sign a contract, and within that contract, the term job abandonment is covered.

You cannot walk out on your class or your children and leave them unsupervised. That’s job abandonment.

If you work at a job in the mall, Target, Walmart, FedEx, UPS, a local restaurant, you can quit these jobs on the spot if you no longer wish to work. You’re not working under a contract, you’re under no obligation to stay there, and your job doesn’t entail the supervision of children.

Employers in the state of Pennsylvania keep hiding behind the term job abandonment, just like they hide behind at-will, but that’s another story.

You can quit. You can quit if you don’t like the way you’re being treated, if you don’t like your fellow employees, if you don’t like your manager, or if you just lost interest in the job. You can quit, and it’s not job abandonment.

Tell your employer you’re quitting, punch out, and leave. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s not job abandonment despite what they try to tell you.

Honestly, there’s a lot of bad jobs out here.

They all promise and swear the working environment is safe and family-like, but when you actually get out there and start working, you realize you work with a bunch of assholes who are rude, disrespectful, immature, and inconsiderate.

If it takes 100-job changes until you find what’s right for you, then that’s what it takes.

Also, if you’re interviewing at a job, and the police show up for some random reason, take that into consideration when making your choice. The police don’t show up to good places.

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