The Mad Doctor

I just read a story about a man referred to as the Mad Doctor. He infected 1,000 women with oral and genital herpes and then cured every one of them using some strange mysterious practice.

For some reason, a lot of controversy was stirred up. I guess people who had nothing to do with his practiced didn’t believe the women actually gave him permission to infect them.

Eventually, they brought him to court. The article said a small number of people from the Democratic party (I don’t know what politics has to do with this but..) attacked him!

People were enraged and yelling stuff like he was going to burn in hell.. The judge was enraged also and absolutely hated this guy-he wanted to sentence him to two years in prison!

Finally, 350 women showed up to testify on his behalf, and the judge had no alternative but to set him free.

Imagine that.

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