Fulton Books; Moving Forward

Fulton Books made a finished product out two of my manuscripts and they’ve done a good job. I think they’re doing the best they can do, and I trust what they’re telling me.

As far as the third issue is concerned, I can’t say that it has been resolved, but I think I know enough at this point to recognize if something isn’t right moving forward.

I self-published my second book with Fulton Books this year and just submitted my third. I’m learning.

When you self-publish a book, you’re more than an author. Yes, you’re creating the content, and you’re responsible for the associated costs. If you fail miserably or become a best selling author, it’s all on you.

You’re a creator, you’re financing the project, you become the marketer, and you become the financial officer. You are responsible for creating, seeing your creation through every step of the process, and keeping up with it.

With all that taken into consideration, you should have at your disposal, every detailed and every specific report when it comes to your sales. You should know where your book is selling the most. Is it online sales or is it brick and mortar sales? Do you sell more paperbacks or more e-books? Are people buying more of your books from Amazon or Target?

You should know who’s buying your book in bulk and who’s allowed to redistribute it. You should be able to see proof and match every listed sale with what you’re being paid.

There’s a lot more responsibility and a lot you need to be aware of. Yes, it’s exciting to have your manuscript published-it’s an accomplishment. It’s an awesome feeling to go shopping and see your books on the shelves in stores, or get that internet sales report that says people just bought your book.

But don’t get lost in all that. Find out what your potential publisher can provide for you and how specific and detailed they can get or allow you to get.

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