Nooz Now

August 29, 2022 Edition

What’s going on? Welcome to another edition of Nooz Now! Today is Monday August 29th, and we have three more days left in the month of August. Let’s get it!

🍰🎈Happy Birthday! On Saturday, August 27th Paul Reubens, aka, Pee Wee Herman, turned 70, and coming up on September 17th Cassandra Peterson, aka, Elvira, will turn 71! Out of all the people who have birthdays during this time, you’re probably wondering why I picked Pee Wee and Elvira? Well, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was one of my favorite movies, and I liked Reuben’s role in Blow. Peterson’s Movie Macabre came out in 1981, I was just a baby, but after watching the reruns on YouTube recently, I’ve come to appreciate two things in my adult life. Peterson had some serious sex appeal-she looked good, and still does for 70 (and Reubens too), and also, I enjoyed the role she played as the host of the show. She was funny, she had personality, and she used point out stuff in movies that were kind of obvious, but you just never seemed to notice. She was the originator of hot trash! 💕🤣

💥The nature of the threat hasn’t been disclosed, but Lehigh University in Pennsylvania is on high alert after a former student made threats against his classmates. Campus security beefed up its manpower and now have extra units on Patrol. Shit must be serious.

🪐I never even knew it was there, but in Arizona, there’s a hole in the earth that looks like it was caused by a meteor from space. It was indeed confirmed as so, and it was estimated that the event happened 50,000 years ago. If that site isn’t the location of the first actual dropping of a nuclear bomb, which a lot of people aren’t aware of, then I think it’s absolutely amazing that Earth, at one time, was hit by a space rock! But yeah, the first atom bomb was tested in the United States in 1945.

💒Did you guys know Ben Affleck is married to Jennifer Lopez? Yeah, came across that information a little while ago, and to be honest I was never a fan of Ben Affleck until I watched his 2006 movie, Man About Town. It was good and that led me back to his other movie, Boiler Room, and I was a fan after that. Now I’m all interested in his marriage, 🤣.

👻What’s up Boo? Remember that? 🤣 We used to say that in the 90s, but there’s a dating app that seems pretty good, it’s called Boo. I like Boo because it helps you build a decent profile. I know a lot of people don’t read profiles, but if you’re using the app properly and trying to meet people you actually have shit in common with, Boo sets you up nicely for that.

👷‍♂️👷‍♀️Don’t forget, this weekend coming up is Labor Day weekend, and Labor Day will be recognized on Monday, September 5th. When I lived in New Jersey, Labor Day Weekend was a big deal, because I lived on the coast and it was the last weekend for the shore. Yup, the Jersey Shore! It was packed on Labor Day Weekend, just craziness-bars, clubs, parties, barbeques, etc. After moving to Pennsylvania, I kind of forgot about Labor Day because I wasn’t near the beach anymore, but I guess the real meaning of what Labor Day is all about is now the focus. Work?! I guess.

🏈In NFL preseason week 4 action this past weekend, the Eagles lost 10-48 to the Dolphins, Chicago beat the Browns by 1, 21-20, Pittsburgh beat Detroit 19-9, and the Jets beat the Giants 31-27. The regular season begins Thursday, September 8th with a night game scheduled between the Rams and the Bills.

Alright everyone, thanks for visiting Nooz Buffet! Have a wonderful evening!

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