What’s Wrong With Being a Rebel?; Disgusting Commentary Reveals Mentality of Mentally Ill

Where do I even begin with this one? I guess, let me start by saying I don’t know anything about Doug Mastriano other than he’s running for Governor of Pennsylvania. I don’t have an opinion about him or what he believes in, and I’m not in any way defending him.

I read an article in the The Morning Call, which is a major newspaper publication here in the state of Pennsylvania. For those of us who are from New Jersey, it’s Pennsylvania’s version of the Star Ledger.

The title of the article was; Mastriano’s Choice of Garb Confirms What a Rebel He is.

Now, this article was in the Commentary section of the newspaper, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the contributor sharing his opinions, however, when you’re biased, it makes for a really disgusting and frankly, personally revealing article.

There was a photo taken in 2014, of Doug Mastriano and twenty other people. It was a faculty photo at the Army Heritage and Education Center at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Everyone in the photo is wearing what appears to be a war-time costume or uniform representing the many battles that took place throughout our history, and because Mastriano decided to dress up as a Confederate Soldier, of course, it became a huge deal, and the contributor of this article decided to add his two-cents.

I’m glad he did too.

It's understandable that Mastriano would want to represent the Civil War.  The Battle of Gettysburg was fought near where he lives now.  And he has a doctorial degree in history.  But why not dress as Union Soldier?  The Union the the war.  Why not be associated with the side fighting for freedom,...
Contributor Morning Call


#1 Who cares what uniform one wears. Does he come to your job and tell you what to wear to work? The Civil War was America vs. America. The Civil War is our history, and I know you probably support the recent trend to destroy and remove anything historical, but both sides should always be remembered and represented in some way. You’re problem is that you still think the Civil War was fought over slavery.

#2 The Union wasn’t fighting for freedom. America, which was the original 13 Colonies, was already free. We signed the Declaration of Independence almost 100 years before the Civil War began. The Civil War was about the expansion of territory (manifest destiny) from coast to coast. And the North couldn’t achieve their objective unless every state was unified under one centralized government.

The financiers needed America to become the United States of America. The Confederacy didn’t want to be apart of the plan, so in reality, it was the South that was fighting for freedom. The North was fighting for consolidation. The North used slavery as their excuse. President Lincoln proposed a plan to free all slaves and they killed him. Lincoln wasn’t using slavery to advance some other agenda, he was going to end slavery, and they killed him.

Lets get away from history now. The history of our country is what it is. You’re supposed to learn from your past not hide it or hide from it.

You see, I get it. Everyone who has a professional job like the contributor who wrote this article, has given up their first amendment. They’ll never speak the truth if doing so will cost them their jobs. There’s a line they won’t cross. When it comes to issues that could possibly be seen as offensive to certain groups, they’ll turn and run the other way. Most of them sold out for the money-so they pick a side and perpetuate the lies.

YO! We’re so far beyond that.

I digress..

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a Confederate war uniform, and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a Union uniform. If the contributing writer of this article is sincere about what he wrote, then it’s his mentality that’s destroying this country. He, like so many American’s have been brainwashed into accepting one version of our history, and because he either hasn’t taken the time to study for himself, or he just doesn’t have the ability to see through the bullshit, his views are predicated on lies.

I’d like to know what this writer’s problem is with Mastriano though, because it seems personal. Mastriano’s choice of garb doesn’t confirm anything. If Mastriano was truly a Rebel, he wouldn’t be acting in government.

#3 There was no way for the Union to lose the war. Again, what you’re failing to accept here is that a group of people, a group of wealthy, powerful, and influential people, believed that it was God’s will to manifest destiny. Manifest…destiny. Manifesting destination. That means there’s an ultimate plan in place for the United States, and it’s driven by “progress.” That plan doesn’t involve normal citizens. We don’t have a say. This group wanted to take the 13 colonies, and the rest of the state territories on the North American continent, consolidate them under one power that could oversee everything, establish the United States of America, and expand its borders from sea to sea. It was about control for the group that was using the North.

But you’re free to believe what you want.

Have a wonderful night.

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