Big Ten Football

The NCAA College football season has begun, and I thought it’d be a good idea to reacquaint ourselves with the confusing split between teams in the Big Ten Conference. So, here it is.


Indiana 1-0
Penn State 1-0
Maryland 1-0
Michigan 1-0
Michigan State 1-0
Ohio State 1-0
Rutgers 1-0
Northwestern 1-0
Iowa 1-0
Minnesota 1-0
Wisconsin 1-0
Illinois 1-0
Purdue 0-1
Nebraska 1-1
Big Ten Football Conference

If you look at the chart, you can see by the records that every Big Ten team has played at least one game so far in this 2022 season. Nebraska is the only team to have played two games, and Purdue is the only team in the conference without a win.

Week 1 comes to an end tomorrow when the final game is played between Clemson and Georgia Tech, and then week 2 action picks up again next weekend, Saturday, September 10th.

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