Questions for Ingram Content; and some other thoughts

Someone told me a long time ago, anything that requires an initial investment is a scam. I’m not going to say the self-publishing book business is a scam, but..

My question for Ingram Content is this; How can I obtain a detailed-in depth copy of the sales report for my books? I’m an author, I’ve written three books now, and two are published. My books are print on demand through Ingram Content. If someone purchases my book, Ingram prints it and ships it. Ingram in turn, forwards their sales report to my publishing company who pays me a portion of the sale.

To be honest, it was a little upsetting to see sales showing up in 2022 that I would not be getting paid for because according to my publisher, those sales are actually old. Apparently, Amazon purchased a bunch of books in 2021, and I was paid for that sale. So all these new sales that are showing up are actually redistribution sales from Amazon’s original order.

If I can’t get a detailed sales report from my publishing company, then I should be able to get one from Ingram since all sales go through you (Ingram Content).

This is the business end self-publishing, there’s money involved, and when money is involved, you can never be too meticulous. As the author of these books, I think it’s only right for me to have at my fingertips, a complete and detailed report of sales because in a way, self-publishing is like going into business for yourself.

How would you feel if you opened a business and you didn’t have access to a specific version of your sales?

Enough about that, I hope someone from Ingram sees this post and decides to call me because I think I’ve called every number they have listed.

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