An Overreaching Example; Pennsylvania Unemployment

Many of us blow off the thought of government overreach, and I guess it’s because most of us are unable to recognize it. Here’s an example.

You’re working for an employer who decides to lay off a portion of their workforce because they don’t have enough work and things are slow.

You’ve been working and paying into the unemployment system so there shouldn’t be any issues claiming a week of pay.

The key words there are shouldn’t be.

If the employees working for the Pennsylvania Unemployment system are asking for information irrelevant to the current claim, that’s government overreach and probably harassment as well.

Where did you work last year? Why did you leave? Why did you leave the other job? When did you work there? What were the dates again? What were the exact dates? And where did you work before that?

If it has no bearing on the current claim, it’s none of their business.

Hundreds of phone calls and hours and hours of conversation, and they’re asking for information irrelevant to the current claim?

And if you don’t play their game and you aren’t nice, then they’ll deny you money from an account you paid into.

Why are we being put in this position?

This type of overreach happens everyday and we don’t even recognize it as such.

Again, Wake Up People.

I wouldn’t be writing about half of the stuff I write about if it wasn’t happening to me or I wasn’t experiencing it first hand some how.

Have a good day and stay positive!

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