Human Evolution, America, & Candice Owens

This post doesn’t have much to do with Darwin. No, it’s not about Charles Darwin. It’s more about people waking up and the direction we’re going. It’s about where we’re at as nation, and as a people.

You’ve seen me write about Charleston White and Kanye West, and I’ve expressed my support for them both because they’re talking about issues and saying things I’ve been saying to myself and other people for the last fifteen years.

Now, they both discuss some things that are personal, and that’s okay too because that’s what we’re supposed to do when we’re making sense of the world around us. It just dawned on me that my books (Smorgasbord 1 and 2) are set up that way.

See, listening to and watching other people can help us learn about ourselves. When people get banned from the internet and social media platforms it creates a divide. The people who disagree with that person are happy and the people who agree with that person are upset, but the banning of that person hurts all of us.

When it comes to certain fundamental issues about our culture, our country, and our government, Kanye and Charleston are on point. People need to hear what they’re saying, and it’s not only about truth, it’s about the freedom of speech in this country.

When I watch their videos and listen to them speak, I say to myself, “finally, or at last!”


Last night when I got home from work I turned on my laptop and brought up YouTube because I like watching YouTube Shorts. I made one of those videos to promote my first book when YouTube first came out with it, but I’ve grown to love everything about those videos. They’re short and to the point.

Anyway, I came across several videos that were of particular interest. I posted those videos to the Nooz Buffet Facebook page, If you’ve never been there, please visit.

I didn’t know who Candice Owens was until she recently came out with Kanye West, but she’s unbelievable.

America can be rebuilt with Candice Owens.

Right now, it should be me and Candice in the White House instead of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They had the right look, and they were close, but they were the wrong people.

I always liked Kamala Harris, but I feel like the country is evolving to quickly for where she’s at mentally. Her and Joe.

But, getting back to Owens.

In one of those videos I posted, she’s having a discussion with a man who believed men can get pregnant, and before she was rudely cut off from finishing her sentence, she was saying something like, “That fact that it has come to this point that we’re even having this discussion,” and she’s exactly right.

We’ve reached a point, where people think men can get pregnant! Think about that. We’ve reached a point where people think men can have babies. Owens breaks it down; you have to be born with a uterus to have a baby. Only women can have babies because only women are born with a uterus. This is a fact. Just because you identify as a woman, that doesn’t mean you are, and this is the issue she was dealing with in one of her videos.

The answer to this issue any many like it can be found in the last paragraph on page 131 in my first book, Smorgasbord A Collection of Thoughts Experiences and Stories.

The other video I posted is below.

American needs Candice Owens right now. Enough is enough already.

Now, let’s talk about evolution quickly.

I’m going to share something that you will eventually realize is true.

In the 1400’s and 1500’s and 1600’s people in Europe were starting to realize they weren’t free. After seeing the life the Native Americans were living in America, they desired it and desperately wanted it for themselves. The Natives, as a population, lived without formal government and without formal religion. They governed themselves and worship was personal for the most part, and this lifestyle was dramatically different from what the Europeans were used to; living under the church or kings and queens.

They say the Founding Fathers were ahead of their time because they were the first to come up with the idea of making the entire population sovereign, but the Natives were sovereign. They carried bow and arrows and had guns. They walked around armed, and NO, THEY WEREN’T PRIMITIVE.

We slowly came to find out, when it came to mathematics and astronomy, the Mayan’s were more accurate then the ancient Greeks and the Romans.

If we go back to 1776 when we didn’t have an established military and the citizens fought for their freedom, or the days of the cowboy when the people carried guns on their hips, that’s an example sovereignty. Being sovereign means you have to power to declare war and don’t need anyone’s permission.

You have more power as an individual than any king or queen. (This is why Candice Owens was right when she made the comment that Beyonce can do no wrong. Beyonce and Jay-Z embrace that European king/queen elitist lifestyle we got away from, and they’re supported and praised for it because it undermines the sovereignty of the individual.) Anyway, we had the right to legally defend ourselves, and if we had a disagreement, we went into the street and had a “draw.” Afterwards, everyone went on with their day.

Eventually, we delegated the power to declare war to our federal government. We gave a lot of power to our government trusting that we would become a civilized nation of laws-not war.

Soon we realized, not only were we becoming victims of a corrupt system, but not everyone had the same rights.

The point I’m getting at here, is that the real victory for America and the American citizens hasn’t happened yet. We’re learning and we’re evolving. Declaring our independence was only the start. We needed to break away from mommy and daddy so we could learn about ourselves and the world around us.

That dream a group of Europeans had hundreds of years ago was destroyed. It was hijacked and stolen from them.

But it’s still alive.

If you’re sincere, and you approach life with an open mind, you will wake up. A lot of us are and we’re fighting to break through the deception and the manipulation. Some made a career out of it and some do it in their spare time.

You have to want more. You can’t just settle for a piece because there’s so much more we’re entitled to as American citizens. The funny thing is that those who woke up are kind of standing on the sideline watching the same plays being ran over and over. The mainstream narrative is on auto pilot and those who control it are frozen.

There will at some point be a real division amongst the people, but it won’t be based on race or religion or any of that stuff.

The day is approaching when America will regain control of its government, and it’s sad, but like children, we had to grow up and make the mistakes our Founders warned against.

Have a great weekend!

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