How Quickly Things Change…

I’m not going to name names, but when you conspire to take action against me and you do it in privacy to hide the truth away from the others, I have to at least let the truth be known.

I was hired to work at a place on July 25th. At this place, they decided at some point long before I was hired to unionize a portion of their work force, probably for the financial benefit of the owners.

Anyway, the job had a 30-day period before new hires were admitted into the union, and they had a 170-day probationary period.

This was a billion-dollar international company with locations all over the world, including several in the state I live. During the probationary period, I was observed and trained on a daily basis, and every week or two I would sit down with my supervisor and go over his review of me, then we would both sign the review.

Everything was good, and after 30 days, the person who hired me told me they were going to keep me. I was happy, and although this job wasn’t my heart’s first choice, I liked it, I enjoyed the work, and I could’ve had a long successful career there.

Two weeks ago, there was a posting for a job opening within the building and I was eligible to bid on the job. I did, and no one else did so I won the job! That was good, and somewhat of a step-up and a promotion. There was a little raise involved as well.

I got through my training week and everything was good.

Two days ago on Thursday, my supervisor asked me to go to his office as soon as I got to work. While in there, he said listen I got an email from HR, she said for me to send you home today and you’re not to return to work until you speak to her.

They said that’s all they knew. So, they sent me home without pay on Thursday for no other reason then they were following the orders of the HR person. I left and went home.

On Friday morning, I decided to go to the office instead of calling because my cell phone isn’t holding a charge. I can barely use it, and the new phone I ordered hasn’t been shipped yet.

When I got there, HR said they were letting me go for an unsatisfactory probationary period, and that was it. I was no longer an employee.

They told me the union I was now in couldn’t help me in this case because my 170-day probationary period wasn’t over, but they quickly changed their tune when I presented my check and showed them I’ve been paying union dues, and the handbook says admittance into the union after 30 days.

They still let me go, and they told me I could get a lawyer if I desired.

I’m not upset or mad. The truth is I don’t even have a word to describe how I feel.

To tell me I was let go for an unsatisfactory probationary period is a lie because I would’ve known that since I was being reviewed and going over the review with my supervisors every week or two.

All of my reviews were good.

So, my question is why did you really let me go?

If you weren’t happy with my performance then why did you let me bid on the new job last week? Why did you lead me to believe I had a future with your company on Wednesday, send me home Thursday without pay, and let me go Friday?

I’ve been under the close supervision of a supervisor since I began working there because there was a training period.

I don’t know what rumors are going to spread, and it doesn’t matter, but the people who liked me and enjoyed working with me deserve to hear the truth.

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