Were Landlines that Bad?

I’m trying to figure out how my Nooz Buffet email is being blocked from places I’ve never emailed before.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and as a nation, we should go back to landlines.

Yeah, we should definitely go back to landlines. How long have we been using cellular phones? 20-25 years? Do you not think we’re being harmed by the radiation?

I can’t tell you how many times I’d be in public reading something, when suddenly, I felt my attention drift from the material. And no matter how hard I tried to concentrate I couldn’t.

Then, I look up and I see someone standing there having a good old conversation on their cell phone while pulling the minds and concentration from those around them.

Don’t act like you didn’t know cell phones were the number 1 cause contributing to theft of intellectual property and private thoughts.

Technology isn’t making us smarter. Smart individuals are creating new technology, but technology is making the masses dumber. We’re definitely paying for convenience.

I wonder, how many car accidents in general, and how many car accidents leading to death resulted from cell phone use while driving.

I don’t know if anyone is actually going to attempt to solve this issue, which shows us how much the people running these companies actually care about the general public, but We The People, could refuse buying them, and We The People could force the return of landlines.

Ah, who cares right?

Anyway, so, why is my nooz buffet email getting blocked from email addresses I’ve never emailed before?

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