Black Balled into Isolation

You know, I’ve contemplating my life for the last 15 years. I’m trying to understand myself and these situations I keep finding myself in. Right now, I’m listening to Coast to Coast, “Wernher Von Braun’s Communication Secrets, Mars, & Moon Anomalies Special.”

After surviving a car accident that should’ve taken my life a month before I turned 21 in 2001, I graduated college in 2003. Like I said in another post, I was average student in high school and as an undergraduate. I was athletic and I played football.

I was always a good writer, but I never had much to write about. After majoring in Communication/journalism, I went in every other field but journalism. I was making good money in 2005 teaching early childhood education. Things were going good. I was driving a pearly white Cadillac, I was young, and I was in great shape.

Then, I was talked into leaving that job. Blindly, I did, and I went to another school to complete my certification requirements. That program was with Catholic Charities in 2007, and they let me go without reason after three months of employment. They didn’t care that I just moved into a new apartment, the holidays were coming up, I was living on my own, I had bills, and I was two months away from obtaining my teaching certification.

That’s when it started. After graduating college with a promising future, I spent the next twenty years bouncing from one meaningless job to the next. In 2008 my life started to change. I started to change. I became interested in me.

2008 was the beginning of this wild spiritual transformation I went through, which gifted me an incredible level of intelligence. All of a sudden, I was smart, and not only that, but I had a passion surface for astronomy, and everything occult. All I wanted to do was study and write.

I tried to work a normal job and live a normal life. I tried right up until my last job, which just let me go without reason after four months of employment. It’s like they give me a little taste and pull the carpet out from under me. They let me catch up on bills, but stop me from getting ahead. It’s not that I’m not trying, but I’m getting older and it feels like someone keeps playing this same old game they’ve been playing with me since I graduated college.

Today, I find myself reduced to renting a room, I’ve been single since 2012 and girls don’t even talk to me anymore, people avoid me like the plague, and I’m getting black balled and prevented from keeping a job. It almost feels like someone’s trying to set me up as a person who can’t hold a job. It feels like people want to write me off as crazy. But that’s definitely not the case.

So, as I’m listening to Coast to Coast, I heard a woman on there talking about Clark McClelland. He was extremely intelligent and had an important position with NASA. I guess at some point, McClelland came across some classified information pertaining to extraterrestrials, UFO’s, Nazi Germany, and Antarctica. Apparently, he was talking way more than people wanted him to, but he loved space and he it really bothered him that our government and NASA was withholding information from the the public.

According to this woman on Coast to Coast, NASA fired McClelland, and in addition they destroyed his life, his reputation, and they prevented him from finding other jobs in other fields. He lived the last years of his life renting a room in someone’s house after being black balled and having his reputation destroyed. He was living in fear and waiting to die, but while he was, he was holding onto to all that information he was prevented from sharing.

McClelland died last year, but before he did, he handed over all his information to someone who promised to publish it after his death.

In a way, I feel like McClelland. Black balled, renting a room, isolated, prevented from working, and fighting to defend my reputation daily. I’m just trying to figure out what I did, or what I know.

And then, it made sense. Clark McClelland followed his heart and pursued what he loved, and that was space. He didn’t care about the politics. He wanted to share his discoveries with the world and they wouldn’t let him. I can relate. I can relate to his love for space, his focus and passion, and his honesty.

Speaking of getting black balled, I don’t know if it’s just me, but for a while now, I’ve been feeling like WordPress is limiting my views. I feel like they give me a certain amount per post until I reach a certain set amount, which is like a daily maximum.


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