Victim of Fascism, Again

Again, the claws of fascism have sunken into me. After two brief weeks, my new job terminated my employment.

I’m not going to get into the details or name the company because they’re irrelevant in my life and the real world at large.

I was terminated on the word of a manager, who after telling me I could go back to work and our conversation exchange would be chalked up as a misunderstanding and put behind us, went behind my back to “corporate.”

No one spoke to me, no one asked me my side of the story, and when I called “corporate,” it was a third party company represented by a woman named Kee who refused to give me her last name.

I couldn’t speak directly to the people who terminated me, I had to give all my personal information to a woman who was operating in secrecy and refused to identify herself. So, I refused to identify myself.

This is pure fascism designed to make the individual feel helpless in a country that was designed to promote and support individuals. This is a disgrace, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

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