The Three Little Companies

A short story that may or may not be true.

Hand to God, on my divinity.

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There were three little companies with lots of big money. The first little company had a gift for turning plain old manuscripts into beautiful works of art.

The second little company had the equipment. They could take that beautiful work of art and multiply it so that everyone in the world could have their very own copy.

The third little company had the front, a gathering place for people to come and purchase these beautiful works of art.

All three little companies were dependent upon one another as each possessed a small portion of the bigger picture, and things were going great. The three little companies were making an honest living helping people turn their dreams into profitable realities.

The first little company especially. When they showed the people of the world that finished product and what they could do, everyone wanted it. More and more people sought the services of the first little company, and the second little company was busy multiplying, and the third little company was busy selling.

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Then, Big Bad Wolf came along, and he too wanted to turn his dreams into a profitable reality. The first little company took his plain old manuscript, turned it into a beautiful work of art, and people were buying it.

Uh oh, then the Big Bad Wolf, as smart as he was, realized something. People were buying his art, but he wasn’t getting paid. This was discouraging, and unfortunately, no one seemed to have an answer for why this was happening.

Well, as the story goes, the Big Bad Wolf huffed and he puffed and he blew the three little companies down, only this time, a secret underground passageway connecting the second little company to the front of the third little company was exposed.

So, the Big Bad Wolf listened in and he heard:

A small man representing the third little company came up with a plan to make lots of big money. So, he went to a man who had the equipment and worked for the second little company, and told him about the idea.

The conversation went this way:

3: “You’re able to multiple, and you can multiply a plain old manuscript a million times if that many people wanted it, correct?

2: “Yes, that’s our job.

3: “Good, I want you to keep doing your job, and people will continue buying beautiful works of art from my front.

2: “Yes, sir! Not a problem!” Things are going really well. 1,000 people decided to have their plain old manuscripts turned into beautiful works of art.

3: “That’s good, but I want you to do me a favor. You like me right?

2: “Yeah, of course.

3: “You and I can make a lot of money if we don’t involve the first little company. When people come to my front, you multiply the art, and I’ll sell it.

2: “But how’s the first little company going to get paid? And what about the people? How will the people get paid?

3. “They will get paid. They’ll get paid for every sale except 10.

2: “10? I don’t get it.”

3: “Don’t report the sale of ten beautiful works of art from each person. Before that and after that they’ll get paid. Think about it. If people are buying this art for $20 each, we can make $200,000 before anyone realizes what’s going on. Then, we can open our own first little company. All you have to do is not report 10 sales for each new work of art.”

2: “Okay.”

And there it was, the deal was made, unfortunately, they didn’t expect the Big Bad Wolf to show up. They didn’t think the Big Bad Wolf even had dreams, but he did, and he was big business without the big money.

Soon things went back to normal, and all the people got paid again.

The small men got away with their crimes of theft, conspiracy, fraud, and whatever else you can think of, and they ended up opening their own first little company.

The Big Bad Wolf sold millions of copies of his beautiful works of art, and lived happily ever after.

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