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March 20, 2023

Good afternoon!

Welcome to this edition of Nooz Now, and thank you for visiting Nooz Buffet. Please don’t forget, Nooz Buffet is your one and only stop for writing ✍ and editing services, so please visit the Services link at the top of the Nooz Buffet home page for more information.

Let’s get into today’s nooz.

🌞According to our calendar, today is the first day of Spring here in the northern hemisphere. Winter came and went faster than I don’t know what, and I hope we’re out of the woods with the snow, but we shall see. Sometimes, we get that one last snow storm that has everyone asking themselves, “Damn, it’s the spring, where’s all this snow coming from?” I don’t know the answer to that, but it’s often the case.

🙏Remember to keep the Sabbat holy. Tomorrow, on Tuesday, March 21st, it is the Ostara Sabbat, and if you’re keeping things theme-like, green candles and jasmine incense are the way to go. Holly and cedar are the special trees associated with Tuesday, and if you’re searching for a deity to pray to, the elves will help you out.

🎭If you’re in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area, and you’re into theatre, Trouble in Mind began three days ago on the 17th, and it will be live until March 26th. Coming up next, A Little Night Music. That performance will begin on May 5th, and both shows can be seen at the Civic Theatre in Allentown. You can visit their website for more information.

♓Right now, at this very moment, the Sun is on the 29th degree of Pisces, which means our Sun’s transit through the astrological sign, Pisces, is just about over. Tomorrow, the Sun will reach the 0 point of Aries coinciding with Ostara. That’s right, we’re already heading into the season of the Ram who is ruled by the God of war himself, Mars. Here’s something interesting most people weren’t aware of, Mars is the God of war, and Mars has two Moons, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos means fear or panic, and Deimos means dread or terror. Shit is all business in the red planet! Now, According to astronomy, the Sun just entered the constellation of Pisces on March 12th, and it will remain in Pisces until the 18th of April.

♿The woman who had her wheelchair tossed down a staircase finally spoke out. According to Daily Mail, Sydney Benes said, “It was hurtful to see him and his friends laughing about it. It was disrespectful and heartbreaking.” Benes is a 22-year-old woman who lost her legs in a car accident in 2021, and Carson Briere, the man who tossed her chair, is the son of NHL star, Daniel Briere. She was in the bathroom at Sullivan’s Irish Pub when the incident occurred.

🏀The big news in sports right now is the upset that occurred in the First Round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The 16th ranked, Farleigh Dickinson Knights men’s basketball team out of Teaneck, New Jersey, defeated the top ranked Purdue Boilermakers, 63-58. For those of us who are from the area, that’s the equivalent of the William Paterson University football team beating the Ohio State Buckeyes! 🤣🤣

🗯According to 5 NBCDFW, two students were injured in a shooting that occurred this morning before class began at Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas. According to CNN, and American citizen who was held hostage for 6 years in West Africa, has finally been freed. Jeff Woodke was an aid worker working in Niger when he was kidnapped. What’s going on in Miami? Police are struggling with this year’s crop of spring breakers. More than 1,000 arrests were made in Miami Beach and a curfew has been imposed after two deadly shootings.

I’m going to end this edition of Nooz Now on that note. Short and sweet! Have a great day everyone!

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