Padilla,Twitter Named in Lawsuit for Censoring Speech

I’ve been sharing with you the fact that we’re sliding too far left on the political spectrum, and Fascism is now a real problem in this country.

That means government, our democratically elected leaders are teaming up with private corporations to rule and suppress the American people. It’s happening, its been happening, and it’s not bullshit.

Recently, we’ve seen the political main-stream narrative pushing for the American people to support and embrace Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

And I couldn’t understand why because just two months before their war with Russia began, Zelenskyy was being accused of silencing political opposition. That means one way communication, it’s his way or no way. Why would we support this?

Well, on behalf of Rogan O’Handley, The Center for American Liberty in conjunction with the Dhillon Law Group, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against:

  1. Former California Secretary of State and NOW U.S. SENATOR ALEX PADILLA
  2. Current California SoS SHIRLEY WEBER

and others, because the STATE of CALIFORNIA was coordinating with TWITTER to permanently suspend Rogan O’Handley, a conservative commentator and attorney.

They were caught through emails released by the Freedom of Information Act. Emails showed California Secretary of State Alex Padilla (NEGLECTING HIS RESPONSIBILITIES TO UPHOLD, DEFEND, AND PROTECT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION) coordinating with SKDK, a Democratic political consulting firm. PADILLA was using SKDK as his strong arm to permanently suspend TWITTER users who were critical of his job in conducting elections!

It’s time for the American People to wake up. C’mon. We have way more power than our government is leading us to believe. They work for us! They are robbing us of our birthright as American citizens. Our government is not a Democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic that has degenerated into a Democracy because of our elected official’s greed for power.

The government can’t censor speech!

I hope and pray, this case will be the spring board for corralling corrupt government officials who purposely neglect their responsibilities by refusing adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

There will be ZERO tolerance for our democratically elected officials who breech their contract (U.S. Constitution) with the American people.

1st Amendment Infringement

Well we’ve heard all the rumors about internet censoring, we’ve heard the stories about people having videos removed, audio and visual quality tampered with, and so on.

This is all an attack on our first amendment rights. It’s an attack against the American people, and it’s showing us that if we don’t agree with the narrative we can get censored.

I didn’t break any of YouTubes rules, but my video, Nooz Buffet Nooz Show Session 10 was removed for inappropriate content. What was inappropriate?

Now I have to take time out of my busy schedule to appeal this false claim.

This is the message YouTube sent me. I didn’t dispute anything. I didn’t talk about social distancing or self-isolation.

I said getting a COVID test is up to the individual. I said getting a vaccine is up to the individual. I said there is no law that says you have to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is really another choice we as individuals make.

You can watch the video for yourself here on

So what’s the real issue? The issue is that they want people to believe they don’t have a choice for the simple fact that they hate freedom.

“How dare you tell people they have a choice?”

I also wrote about how the advertising for COVID testing and vaccinations has not only made people feel guilty, but it has been psychologically manipulating. If you decide not to wear a mask or get vaccinated you should not feel guilty.

They keep pushing this idea through mainstream media that we need to get vaccinated to help the people around us. Are you kidding me? If I get vaccinated and you don’t, how am I helping you?

You have to help yourself.

That’s okay. What YouTube did today is part of the reason why I have my own blog. is my platform, and I’m going to continue posting relevant information.

Stay tuned.