The Reason Why

Yes, I do believe in a higher power, and people will ask me, “Francis, how are you so sure there’s a higher power?”

Because, I say, you and I have mothers. We were born, we’re the result of a man and a woman coming together and procreating.

If humans can only be here through birth, then where did the original mother and father, or man and woman come from?

There’s no way around this. The first man and woman couldn’t have come into existence through birth if they were the first!

So, where the f!ck did we come from?

Human Origin

Human Origin

In its correlation to roots and home,
Way before the ancients of Rome.
Up in the sky, when most grow weary,
Our source of light and lesser luminary.

And now, I start to think,
Toeing the edge of crazy's brink,
While looking at the wheel's fourth zone,
Where the Moon rules, is a house called home.

Is the thought that unstable,
or so demented like Cain killing Abel-
similar to heaven's conjunction at noon,
The Imum Coeli conjuncts the Moon.

The answer, perhaps,
has been in front of us right-
we didn't come from a planet,
We stepped out of the light.

-Francis Joseph LaManna